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7 ways to know you’re choosing the right fashion ERP solution

Can your ERP system keep up?

Find out if your operations have outgrown your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by following our step-by-step evaluation. If your company’s growing pains have left you without the right tools and capabilities, it’s time to get an ERP that fits.

Follow our roadmap to successfully find the right ERP system that fits now, and can be tailored to your future needs in our new omni-channel marketplace.

The fashion business has specific ERP needs:

  • An agile system that can address changing trends easily — helping you get your goods into consumer’s hands quickly.
  • Support for evolving business models.
  • Local service and support to keep your company running.

An industry-specific ERP system like Infor’s can deliver value with low total costs of ownership, is easy to use, and has unsurpassed support. One size does not fit all when it comes to ERP systems. Find out how to tailor a system to your needs.

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