Pilot Company fuels success with Infor

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Pilot Company joins Infor to discuss workforce optimization

Pilot Company travel centers strive to never run out of fuel. It doesn’t matter if there’s a hurricane or major snowstorm, they are usually the first place that’s open. Achieving this multi-faceted mission across more than 950 retail and fueling locations means excelling at managing a large, diverse, and distributed workforce.

Join us for a panel discussion, led by Marcus Mossberger, Global Solution and Industry Market Strategy, with executive team members from Pilot Company. They’ll chat about how they are moving to the next level of success with innovative workforce management and HR solutions driving the company’s digital transformation.

Key topics:
  • Simplifying and enhancing the IT landscape through cloud technology to optimize resources and effort in a seamless and consistent way
  • Modernizing manual processes in areas such as time entry/attendance and PTO scheduling with a digitized, mobile alternative
  • Transforming a cumbersome payroll data submission process to simplify data collection and shorten payroll processing cycle times

Don’t miss this intriguing conversation and discover ways you can empower people and drive operational excellence.

Featured Speakers

Marcus Mossberger
Global Solution and Industry Market Strategy, Infor
Kelly Satterfield
Sr Manager, HR Technology & Shared Services at Pilot Company
Leann Robbins
Supervisor, HRIS Support (previously Project Implementation Lead, Workforce Management) at Pilot Company

Pilot Company fuels success with Infor