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Business case for supporting your enterprise system implementation with Infor UAP (User Adoption Platform)

Learn how to deploy learning and performance support

Effective training and on-the-job support are critical for successful adoption of complex IT and business systems. According to a META Group study, 76% of employees have a substandard understanding of new enterprise software systems. In the absence of high-quality training and ongoing support, employees tend to under-use or misuse new systems—preventing companies from achieving their expected returns on these significant investments.

A comprehensive electronic performance support system (EPSS) can have an immediate and demonstrable impact on the success of new business systems, maximizing user adoption and allowing organizations to reduce reliance on classroom training and reap the resulting substantial cost savings. At the same time, creating and deploying a learning and performance support system along with the need to create a large volume of documentation can be a major challenge.

This paper describes how Infor UAP can help meet these challenges and the specific benefits it can provide your organization.