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Tech reality check

Rethinking retention and recruitment in construction equipment dealerships

Everyone in the construction equipment industry knows that the “cash cow” of the heavy equipment dealership is the service department. It contributes more to the bottom line than any other area of the business. But due to growing customer demands and a shrinking pool of skilled technicians, service revenues at dealerships are being increasingly threatened.

A study commissioned by the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Foundation found that:

  • More than 50% of distributors surveyed claimed that the inability to find skilled technicians has resulted in hindered growth, increased costs, and greater inefficiencies.
  • 75% of surveyed distributors reported that the lack of skilled technicians made it difficult to meet customer demand.

Download the Tech reality check paper to find out how well-considered strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining skilled technicians can help construction equipment distributors deliver high-quality service for decades to come.

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