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Guide to Automotive Manufacturing Software

Manage growth amid industry transformation

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world are undergoing significant disruptions and transformation as a direct result of growing economic pressures, increasingly stringent regulations, and changes in personal car usage. This evolving—and sometimes volatile—environment is forcing automotive manufacturers and suppliers to embrace new business partners, new ways of engaging customers, and new operating procedures.

To help you choose the right solutions in a rapidly changing industry landscape, this guide will explore five key business software solution areas that are essential to any successful automotive manufacturing operation, including:

  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • SCM: Supply Chain Management
  • PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
  • CX: Customer Experience
  • EAM: Enterprise Asset Management

This guide will also give you a closer look at Infor’s innovative cloud deployment options and explain how they can help you overcome your challenges and meet your goals—with limited capital expenditure, reduced implementation time, unlimited scalability, and easier upgrades.

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