Brochure: How Infor Food & Beverage can help meat and poultry producers increase speed to market

As a protein producer, you must make cost-effective decisions about how you offer quality food—before the first cut is made. To meet consumer demands, you must process meat and poultry in a manner that is ethical, humane, and efficient.

Download this brochure to learn how Infor Food & Beverage can help beef, pork, chicken, or other protein processors:

  • Increase speed to market to ensure you deliver fresh products
  • Minimize waste with carcass balance optimization
  • Continuously improve production, operations, and planning.
  • Simplify regulatory compliance

With Infor Food & Beverage for the meat and poultry industry, you can meet your customer demands, manage a complex series of packaging and labeling demands, control plant production, and quickly adjust scheduling based on your available raw materials.