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Infor Nexus® is designed to help enterprises manage complex supply chain networks comprised of a multitude of suppliers, transportation modes and carriers, cross-border procurement and payment requirements, and more—all delivered on the cloud. Infor Nexus provides a single source of truth across all trading partners to give organizations real supply chain visibility, allowing your supply chain to become a competitive advantage.
Software features and benefits
  • Product availability and procurement
  • Supplier management and compliance
  • Supply chain finance and payment automation
  • Global transportation spend management
  • Supply chain visibility and predictive ETA
Industry-specific capabilities
The Infor® Nexus network connects businesses to their entire supply chain—from suppliers and manufacturers, to brokers, 3PLs, and banks—paving the way for enhanced supply chain visibility, collaboration, and predictive intelligence.

What makes Infor Nexus unique?

Infor Nexus Control Center

Infor Nexus Control Center combines a high-fidelity picture of in-process flows of products, materials, orders, demand, and capital across the extended supply chain network with predictive and prescriptive insights so companies can proactively respond to issues and opportunities. The solution combines the power of Infor Nexus with advanced data science to interpret and respond to dynamic signals. Real-time visibility and data-driven decisions are powered via connected systems, trading partners, devices, and digitized supply chain processes, while predictive and prescriptive insights from Infor Coleman® AI deliver an intelligence-driven supply chain.
  • Global view of end to end supply chain flows
  • Identify pressing supply chain issues and opportunities
  • Gain in-context intelligence plus predictive and prescriptive insights
  • In-application collaboration and execution for faster response

Infor Nexus Supply Management

Infor Nexus Supply Management provides companies with greater visibility, agility and control of supply to meet today’s dynamic demand. Through shared visibility, faster collaboration and automated execution of multi-tier processes, companies can assure supply, improve on-time delivery and service levels while simultaneously reducing lead times, costs and inventory throughout the supply chain..
  • Multi-party and multi-tier forecast and order collaboration
  • Direct ship and cross docks through supplier pack and ship automation
  • Multi-tier inventory visibility
  • Proactive alerts to predicted stock-outs and supply shortages
  • Predictive delivery dates and improved customer service

Infor Nexus Transportation Management

Infor’s network transportation solution helps large enterprises manage complex international supply chain flows to optimize both freight spend and shipping performance. Go beyond conventional TMS limitations with true multi-leg, multi-mode, and multi-stop capability.
  • Global control tower architecture
  • Ocean, air, truck, and parcel visibility
  • Plan, optimize, execute globally
  • Multi-leg, multi-party, and multi-stop
  • Collaborate with forwarders and 3PLs  
[Infor] Nexus allows everyone to see and act on a common set of shared rate information and related transactions in the cloud.
Bjorn Vang Jensen
Vice President, Global Logistic, Electrolux

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