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Winning with Infor

How the Parcel Cookie leverages today’s logistical excellence into tomorrow’s logistical innovation.

Thank you, Deutsche Post DHL Group!

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The next evolution in parcel tracking

In June 1994 Lou Montulli invents the web browser cookie which drove an evolution within the World Wide Web Community. With the introduction of a Parcel Cookie, DPDHL can drive its own evolution within the logistics industry by becoming the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter of logistics. This would drive both bottom line optimisation and top line growth.

By 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms .

Logistics tracking smartphone


  • Securely and seamlessly connect the human + digital journey together
  • Innovate and transform operations into a smart logistics based on precise data
  • Help shift employees from processing to customer services


  • Zero in on the parcel carbon footprint with an intelligent data footprint driven by green energy
  • Drive significant reduction in label paper usage
  • Leverage new data insights in driving more optimised logistical operations


  • Boost the customer experience and trust with innovation based off a data driven platform and ecosystem.
  • Close the gaps with a seamless and real-time customer experience
  • Enhance the trust with the customer in the elimination of lost and stolen parcels. Whilst moderate financial benefits can be had the image gain is significant.

DPDHL Parcel Cookie

Today’s logistics reality to tomorrow’s innovation opportunity

What's the concept?

Package slip

...and what does the future look like?


  • Static Information Carrier
  • Cost Centre
  • Market Leader
  • Uni-Directional Logistics
  • Anonymous supply chain
  • Carbon emitting product


  • Rich Dynamic Data Carrier
  • Profit Centre
  • Market Innovator
  • Bi-Directional Insight
  • Business Model Opportunities
  • Recycled and reusable service

...and what are the benefits?

Woman signing for delivery
  • More automation through automated checkpoints
  • 100% theft protection through seamless detection
  • Automated detection and reporting
Dock worker using tablet
  • Sustainability throughout reusable batches
  • Reduce paper batches by nearly 100%
  • Create smarter logistics through value data streams
Customer receiving package
  • Allows 100% traceability
  • 100% transparency
  • Value added services built on variable pricing and promotion strategies reasonable price building
Matthias Schwarz

We created the Mercurius Den Challenge to give our strongest and most important partners the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and expertise to a hand-picked audience of professionals and decision-makers. With the Parcel Cookie, Infor was not only able to showcase an outstanding innovation – the company also demonstrated that it has a vision for the future that is as concise as it is sophisticated.

Matthias Schwarz

Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing IT and Ground Fleet, Deutsche Post DHL

Joerg Jung

By participating we wanted to show that Infor is not only in the top league in terms of technology and innovative ability but is the absolute world leader – and that we are reliable and competent partner at all times, and not only for Deutsche Post DHL. Accordingly, we are very proud and honored to have been selected by the jury as one of the winners of Mercurius Den Challenge among so many top-class applicants.

Joerg Jung

EVP & General Manager EMEA, Infor

Infor Nexus

DPDHL already use our supply chain platform

Supply Chain Control Center

Infor Nexus uses ML Predictive ETA, fed from real-time EDI/API connectivity with external partners & carriers, [optionally] supplemented with Live signals from trucks, boats, planes, or sensors to...

  • detect problem situations sooner
  • quantify the impact of the situations
  • rank their severity
  • and give the shipper the means to collaborate and resolve those situations all from a within a single user interface

Infor Nexus is the world's leading network for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration. Connect your business to your entire supply chain — from suppliers and manufacturers, to brokers, 3PLs, and banks — and pave the way for enhanced supply chain visibility, collaboration, and predictive intelligence.

Man smirking at tablet screen

Disintermediate Tech & Services

Service partners (e.g. 3PLs, carriers, brokers, etc.) frequently offer technology to accompany their services, often with the costs embedded in their service fees. Eliminate “3PL Lock”; by separating the technology from the service, you are free to choose partners who provide the best service and you will have more flexibility and negotiating power.

Technician training student

Digitise Your Supply Chain

80% of the data you need to run your supply chain exists outside your 4 walls. Utilise a network to lower the costs for you and your partners to bring that data into your purview. By aligning enterprise data with external supply chain data, the sum of the parts is greater than the separate pieces.

Container ship birds eye view

Quickly Optimise Freight Rates

Transportation spend is dominated by transportation rates, not execution costs. Even a very small reduction in base rates yields a very large effect on total transportation spend. Jumpstart your project ROI and join the hundreds of shippers on Infor Nexus who have realised significant base rate reductions by utilising the Infor Nexus network and industry best practices.

Learn why Infor continues to be named a "Leader“ in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant:

Infor Nexus

Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks

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