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Register to the on-demand virtual event to learn ways to maximize your asset performance and ensure operational and business continuity by meeting a new level of standards. Thought leaders and analysts from Constellation Research, ARC Advisory Group, and Infor discuss industry trends and the future of asset management.

Watch the videos to explore how to:
  • Rethink the asset management method and practices
  • Reinvent operations with new tools and technologies
  • Reinvigorate the power of data-driven asset management

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  Insightful content delivered by analysts and experts on how smart asset management prepares companies for the unpredictable.

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Maximizing Asset Performance with Advanced EAM Fireside Chat - Maximizing Asset Performance with Advanced EAM
In this session, Kevin Price from Infor speaks with Ed O’Brien from ARC Advisory Group about exciting changes occurring in asset management. The conversation includes such topics as advancements in EAM, the convergence of EAM and APM, and the evolution of the underlying technologies of IT and OT systems.

Ed O’Brien, Director of Research, ARC Advisory Group
Kevin Price, Technical Product Evangelist, Infor
Business Models with EAM Fireside Chat - Building Digital Business Models with EAM
Organizations moving into a post-pandemic strategy realize that foundation of digital shifts comes from the battle for data-driven approaches. Decision velocity and the ability to automate and deploy Ai will impact the future of EAM. This post digital future will forever change real time asset management, asset optimization, asset recovery, maintenance savings, sustainability goal. Learn from one of the foremost experts of Digital Transformation: R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research
EAM-as-a-Platform Keynote session - EAM-as-a-Platform
Why asset management is more than maintenance improvements and TCO reduction? It is accelerating engineering, enabling operators to ensure security, asset efficiency, reliability, continuity. EAM solutions are arguably the backbone here. However, it should be rethought as a “connected platform” to leverage all new opportunities provided by emerging technologies (e.g.AR/VR, IoT,) and data.

Romain Flachot, CapGemini France
Kevin Price, Technical Product Evangelist, Infor
Digitalizing Asset Lifecycles at CERN Keynote session - Digitalizing Asset Lifecycles at CERN, CERN is a large-scale user of Infor EAM.
Join David Widegren, Head of Maintenance & Asset Management and Kevin Price, Technicl Product evangelist for an insightful overview of CERN's current efforts of digitalizing the complete lifecycles of its accelerator complex and the supporting technical installations.

David Widegren, Head of Maintenance & Asset Management, CERN
Kevin Price, Technical Product Evangelist, Infor

Keynote Speakers

Ed O’Brien
Director of Research, ARC Advisory
Group Inc.

R "Ray" Wang
Principal Analyst & Founder,
Constellation Research, Inc.

Romain Flachot
Business Unit Director - Digital Manufacturing,
CapGemini France

David Widegren
Head of Maintenance & Asset Management

Frederic Russo 
VP International, Asset Management Solutions, Infor

Kevin Price 
Industry and Solution Strategy, Infor


Maximize Asset Performance