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Embracing disruption: How to thrive in the post-digital era

Have you done enough to meet the needs the new breed of traveler?

How hoteliers like you can embrace disruptive technologies

Like many other business sectors, the hospitality industry is feeling the effects of the post-digital era. The modern, tech-savvy guest expects to travel the way they live—with all of the digital conveniences they have at home. Your guests now expect connected onsite mobile interactions, personalized offers, and fast, more coordinated services. What’s more, your customers—including your corporate clients—are more recommendation-driven than ever before, largely basing their booking decisions on online reviews.

So, how can you protect your reputation in this increasingly social world? And, how can you meet your guests’ rising expectations for more connected and personalized services?

The answer can be found in disruptive technologies—specifically social business, mobile, cloud computing, and data analytics.

The numbers don’t lie: Disruptive technologies, are so pervasive, they are now the norm. Simply put, the post-digital era is here. For the hospitality industry, that spells change.

These next-generation technologies can help you gain deep guest and operational visibility, drive higher levels of service, and increase visitor satisfaction and revenue.

Read our new eBook “Embracing disruption: The true value of social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technology in the post-digital era,” to learn how you can:

  • Improve your internal productivity through enhanced collaboration.
  • Implement flexible business applications that reduce IT spend and expand your global reach.
  • Enrich the guest experience with meaningful mobile interactions.
  • Maximize the full potential of your data to increase revenue and guest satisfaction.

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