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Don't get mad – get personal!

Best practices to win the guest in the age of Amazon.

Research from HSMAI & Infor

Guests face a dizzying array of options when choosing a hotel for their travels. They’re deluged with streams — floods, really — of content, offers, and options. At the same time, companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Airbnb have increased expectations about what customers ought to expect in terms of a customized experience and truly responsive service. Guests — assuming they can learn about you in the first place — increasingly want to be treated as individuals, and to have every need anticipated and met during every interaction and in every channel.

In this white paper you get a clearly defined set of guidelines designed to help you better meet the needs of your guests with personal, relevant interactions drive greater loyalty and revenue. These include:

  • Provide clear value to your guests.
  • Put your guest first.
  • Give your guests control.
  • Incorporate data within your operations.
  • Pay attention to security.
  • Test and learn.

Ultimately, personalization exists to help you provide a more tailored, higher value, and richer experience to your guests. Your ability to deliver on that richer experience depends heavily on how seamlessly you incorporate personalization and data throughout your operation. Download this research to learn more.

Download the white paper.