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Labor deployment for today

Empowered employees schedule themselves to meet business needs

Running your business efficiently and profitably requires aligning your workforce with the needs of the customer—which could include, for instance, scheduling labor with the help of mobile applications that allow workers to select shifts using their smartphones, making management’s job much easier. Infor Workforce Management is your comprehensive solution to align labor planning with corporate strategies to deliver maximum returns. Easy-to-use, integrated modules address forecasting and budgeting, production scheduling, time and attendance, performance management, and compliance, all the while streamlining processes to increase efficiency while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate business value.

Workforce management principles are changing on several fronts; stay ahead of the game by reviewing five examples in this "How To" guide.

Infor How To: How to keep up with changes in workforce management
After supplying you with challenges to the workforce management landscape, we would be remiss if we didn't offer a solution that meets these challenges in a comprehensive package that provides greater visibility and control across your workforce to help increase the return on your labor investment.

Customer story: Posti saves through better scheduling with Infor Workforce Management
The Finnish business services company Posti Group provides postal and logistics expertise, e-commerce services, and financial management to millions of customers by leveraging Infor's global experience in workforce management. "Volume-based planning is our major issue," says Mari Hirvonen, Development Manager at Posti, "and we wouldn't have been able to implement it without Infor Workforce Management." Major improvements in labor scheduling, pay calculations, and reporting features, among others, are included in Posti's customer story.

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