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Nucleus Research: Infor Versus Kronos

In workforce management (WFM), which vendor wins in head-to-head comparisons? When analyzing enterprise-size employers who had considered these two vendors, Nucleus found Infor fared better than Kronos. Customers noted Infor delivering smoother, faster implementations and better customer service, functionality, and support, with results post-deployment of money saved and gains in employee productivity.

Findings included:

  • In all cases investigated where a company evaluated both Infor and Kronos, Nucleus analysts found Infor was the selected vendor over Kronos
  • Prospects found Infor’s technology to be more navigable, more configurable and governable, and more scalable for the long term.
  • Infor was seen as better at understanding, forging, and maintaining client vendor relationships.
  • Users repeatedly noted Infor’s bedside manner as preferable to Kronos’s.

The market today presents only a handful of vendors to cover WFM for large, complex organizations. Kronos and Infor are prominent among these providers, but they’re worlds apart in that Infor is the only one of the two whose suite spans the enterprise.

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