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Time is money

The longer you wait to update your financial management software, the further behind the competition you’ll fall.

Learn the top 5 requirements every CFO should know to manage change for increased efficiency and productivity.

Download these two compelling assets to understand how deploying a comprehensive, user-driven, modern financial management solution can increase your company’s efficiency and productivity and reduce the time spent planning non-strategic operational and administrative tasks.

EFM_industrysolutionvideoVideo—The Accountant
This short, comical, video showcases the vice president of Lacunix, Inc. convincing her COO that they need a more modern cloud-based accounting system. You’ll recognize the challenges associated with outdated technology and see how migrating to a modern, mobile, collaborative solution positively impacts many different departments within an organization.

managing-change-WP_170x170_3White paper—Managing change in the financial services and insurance industries: The five key requirements that every CFO should know
This white paper explores how well financial services and insurance organizations have coped with regulatory demands and examines strategies for leveraging technology to establish an enduring platform for dependable reporting, analysis and decision making in a climate of regulatory and business uncertainty.

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