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Improve retention with every hire

It begins with a more informed hiring decision

Data-driven people analytics takes the guesswork out of hiring

People analytics technology is fast becoming the norm in talent selection, and for good reason: when it is done right, it works. With a single assessment platform, Infor Talent Science combines candidate work behaviors with key performance metrics to deliver hiring recommendations that help lengthen the careers of your workforce. Clients’ higher retention numbers statistically prove (with a minimum 95% reliability) that the combination of behaviors and performance helps make better hiring decisions across industries and job roles.

To discover how Talent Science could impact your organization’s human capital management plan, download these two informative assets that spotlight the rise of people analytics, as well as a real-world turnover success story.

Infor Perspective: See your future in your talent acquisition process
Review this paper to gain more insight into how you can transform HR’s role to an ROI driver on the strength of higher retention rates and slashed turnover costs.

Customer Story: Sutherland Global Services Improves Service and Retention
With the rollout of Infor Talent Science, Sutherland Global Services simplified its recruiting and hiring process, raised on-the-job performance levels with longer tenures and more experienced representatives, and decreased turnover among call center representatives. Whether you manage a dozen locations in one state or a global HR network, Talent Science scales to meet your recruiting, hiring, and development needs.

Complete the form to access the white paper and customer story.