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Embracing generational differences

Better performance for professional services companies

Embracing the value of multigenerational services teams

How generational differences can drive better organizational performance

Based on the distribution of staff in today’s workplace, you likely have a multigenerational team and the friction that goes along with it. You can improve how you manage that team. With a few specific steps, you can value the different perspectives that each generation brings to the workplace and maximize creativity, innovation, and business results.

In professional services industries, time is spent helping customers maximize value from your product or service. It is a people-intensive business. As leaders, none of us can afford the customer impact of turnover and reduced productivity that comes from internal friction among generations. While every situation is different, one thing is true: we can’t live with a revolving door of talent and be successful. Now more than ever, organizations need to consider and understand the differences between generations to be able to drive success.

This paper from PSVillage and Infor considers how a better understanding of generational differences can help drive better organizational performance reviewing:

  • The multigenerational workforce is the new norm
  • What does a multigenerational team look like?
  • Considering differences in the workplace
  • How multigenerational teams impact professional services
  • How you can leverage multigenerational differences

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