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Nucleus Research: Separating the walk from the talk with Workday

Does your software walk the talk?

Through a recent Nucleus Research survey, interviewers revealed that Workday only "talks the talk" in certain functionality and implementation areas. This has led Nucleus to ask: “How good is Workday? Is it a legitimate product worth mentioning?”

At its core, your ERP system needs to focus on the essentials of helping your organization achieve the Triple Aim and deliver the best patient care. You can simplify, streamline and better manage your business operations and focus on delivering affordable care and maximizing human potential seamlessly within Infor’s connected health universe, which includes a robust offering of human capital management, financials, supply chain management, and clinical integration solutions. The way we market our products matches their capabilities, which is where Nucleus noted Workday’s deficiencies in its recent report. 

Your patients are at the center of everything you do, so your organization requires a caring partner like Infor, which offers a successful track record of providing solutions with actionable insights and intuitive tools for the financially sound, efficient and talent rich operations that are required to improve lives and care for patients.