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Infor Cloverleaf

Reliability at the heart of interoperability

Infor Cloverleaf offers a scalable, reliable integration platform that acts as the heart of your organization, moving data conveniently and securely between systems both within and outside of your healthcare enterprise. Cloverleaf supports interoperability by gathering information in one spot so that caregivers can use the information in a meaningful way to improve patient care and outcomes.

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FHIR Infographic
The HL7® FHIR® standard simplifies and accelerates the exchange of patient health records. This means patients, physicians, and other care providers can spend more time discussing care options instead of searching for medical history information. This infographic takes a look at how FHIR® fits into the overall care continuum and the benefits it offers.

Healthcare technology integration for successful EHR implementation white paper
Hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to focus on a technology integration strategy before thinking about EHR installation. The true purpose of interoperability is to make data and information found in electronic medical records useful to physicians in order to create a patient-centric system. When EHRs can’t talk to each other, it negates interoperability, which is why interoperability planning is a top priority for health systems operations.

See how Infor Cloverleaf can help your organization move data securely between systems both within and outside of your organization.