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Smart Cities Need Transit EAM

Overview Video

State of Good Repair. Vehicle in-service time. Infrastructure maintenance. Possible equipment malfunction.

As a transit agency, you have a lot to think about operationally—while staying on top of changing rider demands and new transportation models competing for your business.
One of the ways you can ensure reliability, safety, and profitability is by operating at peak efficiency—with visibility into your assets and infrastructure that allows you to prioritize maintenance projects and direct funds where they will have the most impact.

"Infor for Mass Transit" will show you how technology can help you:

  • Increase vehicle uptime
  • Pre-empt emergencies
  • Lessen risk of system malfunction
  • Promote operational excellence

You'll learn how to determine the current condition of your assets and infrastructure, as well as how to pinpoint which assets are at the greatest risk for failure—invaluable information for an organization with people's safety in its hands.

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