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Outlook for oil and gas supply and demand in a global energy context

How the world produces and consumes energy is a major factor in the health of both the global economy and the global ecosystem. The world will simply need more energy in the decades to come. Even the rosiest of scenarios for the benefits from energy conservation and efficiency cannot overcome the certainty of increased energy demand from global population growth.

This paper provides an overview of historic energy use patterns, discussion on uncertainty around the developing nations' middle class, and updates on the changing global energy mix-all of which impact the development of a realistic, measured energy strategy.

What happens when such emerging economic powerhouses “catch up” with the developed nations in terms of per capita energy use? Depending on one’s perspective, that question could be tantalizing or profoundly disturbing. There is a middle path forward that embraces a realistic, measured energy strategy—one that recognizes the challenges for all energy sources, yet eschews the rhetoric and political posturing by focusing on economics and environmental impacts.

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