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MAP-21 and State of Good Repair: Built on the right people, processes, and products

Transit agencies must carefully balance long-term spending, operating costs, asset management, and the risks involved in moving large numbers of people through all kinds of terrain and weather safely, quickly, responsibly, and profitably. MAP-21, State of Good Repair, and other government legislation and guidelines make this challenging situation even more complex.

How should transit agencies go about assessing whether the systems they have in place will support regulatory requirements critical to securing or maintaining government funding? Start by reading “MAP-21 and State of Good Repair: Built on the right people, processes, and products.”  

In this industry perspective paper, you will learn about:

  • The impact of talent acquisition on compliance
  • The elements that comprise a public transportation agency safety plan
  • The four pillars of MAP-21 safety management
  • The 6-step process for leveraging technology to maintain a State of Good Repair

By reading this paper, you’ll gain critical information that will help you optimize the three prongs in your transit agency’s MAP-21 strategy: people, processes, and products.

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