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The Age of Amazons: How to thrive in the new competitive universe

The Age of Amazons is upon is, and it heralds a fundamental rethinking of the distribution marketplace. And it isn’t just about Amazon® Business or Alibaba®. Change itself is moving faster.
More than ever, distributors face challenges from customary competitors who’ve already made the transition to business strategies that are leaner, more mobile, more social, and driven by up-to-the-instant business intelligence.

Read “The Age of Amazons: How to thrive in the new competitive universe” to discover five proven tools to help you:

  • Evolve with the market
  • Respond to shifting customer expectations
  • Spot emerging opportunities
  • Confront unexpected challenges
  • Make your business indispensable to your most valuable customers

Distributors that can evolve along with the technology will protect their business, gain market share, and find it easier to engage with the buyer of the future.

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