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Customer Experience

Design Software your customers will love

Get your customers to convert with design software

How to help customers buy the product they want with Configure, Price & Quote software

After putting in a lot of effort to get potential customers to visit your website, for some reason they don't convert. Find out how our Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) software can help you optimize customer experience and so conversion in no-time

Why does your customer not convert

In a recent report done by people were asked what influenced them to buy on a certain site. 31% of them said that the quality of the website they were shopping on is important. So if shipping costs, price or lack of reviews are not the issue you customer experience is very important. Letting your customers use product design software to customize your products to their needs could contribute to that better customer experience.

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What companies could benefit from CPQ software

From t-shirts to airplane parts. Design software to customize products to every persons needs can be found everywhere. Below a short list of some of the B2C industries where it's used most.

  • Kitchen design - Our software will let every visitor to your website design their dream kitchen online, quick and easy. All within the parameters you provided.
  • Furniture design - Select the fabric, color, finish with a click of a button. Customized to fit in the home of your customer. They'll love you for it.
  • Door and Window design - Provide people with more options that they could ever imagine. At no extra effort from your side.
  • Fashion design - The suit makes the man. Improve your margins and increase sales by giving people something exclusive.
  • Car configuration - With the number of features on a car you need a robust system that will allow the customer to 'tune' his future car to perfection Other applications could be for instance conservatory, fireplace or curtains design.

In B2B industries CPQ software can be very useful for speeding up the purchasing process of:

  • (Agricultural) Equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Truck design
  • Pumps and Meters
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)

Advantages of design software

CPQ software offers much more then just optimizing your customers configuration process. It will have some more positive effects on your overall sales operation that will make investing in it worth while.

Like for instance:

  • Reduced cost-to-order - your sales won't have to do any manual actions to tune the order, also eliminating risk of error in that process.
  • Your dealers and distributors can use it too - Extend to CPQ software to you entire sales network to offer their customers the best experience possible
  • Improve accuracy and customer satisfaction - The design software allows only to create products that are possible. So no incorrect orders, shorter turn-around times and a happier customer
  • Quicker ramp-up of new hires - With the CPQ solution in place your new sales hires turn into product experts in no time through the guided selling functionality

If you want to find out more about our product design software and other great features our CPQ software has to offer download the white paper + guide by filling out the form on the right.