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Breaking out of the campaign mindset

Tips to marketing beyond the campaign

Do you consider yourself a savvy marketer? Are you focused on each campaign or the entire customer journey?

Campaigns have been around for a long time because they can successfully drive sales—at least in the short term. They also are relatively easy to measure in terms of ROI. But in the last 15 years or so, technology has changed the marketing game drastically— with real-time personalization and social media—making a campaign-only approach inadequate for nurturing relationships over time and getting sustainable results.

Today, savvy marketers must think in terms of the buyer journey across all touchpoints that a customer interacts with a brand.

Get your copy of "Breaking out of the campaign mindset" for a look at strategies marketers can use to help break out of the campaign mindset like:

  • The buyer’s journey
  • Holistic customer experience
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand storytelling
  • And more

Discover different ways to think about marketing so you can get savvy too.

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