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AutoInsights—An essential part of an analytics platform

Maximize analytic productivity with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives at home, so why not in the workplace? Automated insights describes the latest revolution in analytics: the application of machine learning (ML) and task-specific artificial intelligence to analytics, whether it’s using ML to generate charts, dashboards, and analytical insights automatically or leveraging AI to guide people in the selection, use, and interpretation of advanced features or complex algorithms.

The Eckerson Group's latest report “Deep Dive: AutoInsights,” examines and explores the variety of ways that automated insights are becoming more common in analytic platforms and BI workflows. For organizations seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace, leveraging automated insights within their analytics is essential.

Read this report to find out how AutoInsights helps bridge the gap between the self-service model with its limitations and the increasingly complex requirements of analysis.