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Winning in the digital economy with cloud BI

Q&A with Martha Bennett, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Martha Bennett, Principal Analyst at Forrester, writes that “the winners in the digital economy will be those that are able to gain insights the fastest and take appropriate action. To do so, companies need a solid data and analytics foundation, and cloud based BI platforms are an essential part of this foundation.”

In this executive interview with Martha, – a follow-up to the recent webinar “Winning in the digital economy with cloud BI” – she reveals three key insights addressing the shift toward cloud analytics that every executive should know:

  • How critical it is for enterprises to start moving to modern, cloud BI platforms
  • What new approaches are necessary to be successful in the digital era
  • What differentiated capabilities are needed in a truly modern BI platform

Download your complimentary copy of this new executive interview today and learn more about how you can leverage Cloud BI for analytics success.