Realizing your Digital Potential - a proven approach for Distribution

26th October 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00PM
Dubai Time

Digital Transformation is a challenging initiative for any Distribution organization to undertake. Yet there are key steps you can manage up front in order to set your organisation up for success. Design thinking helps establish the vision along with understanding the key challenges and opportunities as part of the journey.

Critical to success is a clear identification of performance improvement outcomes targets, measurement criteria, and the roadmap for what and how to change and why, what is the anticipated business outcome and why should your corporate and business strategy align?

Attend this webinar to find out how our design thinking and industry outcome focus provides the rights foundations to succeed with your digital transformation approach.

Our proven approach defines:
  • Why setting the right vision upfront drives a successful transformation with employees who are engaged.
  • How design thinking puts your operations, employees, customers and network in the centre of all that you do.
  • How you determine the performance improvement outcome potential of your business.

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Brad Revell
Digital Strategist & Head of Digital, Infor

Brad leads Infor's Hook and Loop Design Team in Europe and is responsible for helping drive digital strategy for Infor’s customers. Brad has spent the last 20 years working globally working for large multi-nationals in manufacturing, financial services, retail, consulting and technology. His aim is to help organizations leverage technology; not just provide features and functions but help establish a platform which adds value to the top and bottom lines.
Bobby Charlton
Sr. Director, Value Engineering, Infor

Bobby leads Infor’s Value Engineering team across EMEA. Bobby and his team are responsible for working with organisations to understand their strategic business drivers, their operational strengths and weaknesses, and showing how Infor technology can enable them to achieve performance improvement outcomes. Bobby has been working in the enterprise software industry for 30 years.

Realizing your Digital Potential - a proven approach for Distribution