Smartphone on Wheels

Four pillars of change and their impact on automotive manufacturing and distribution

“Smartphone on Wheels” - Impact on the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The automotive industry stands at a major tipping point. As the growth for e-mobility is finally reaching high-volume markets, leading manufacturers and suppliers need to reinvent their respective business models to stay relevant. Deep and unprecedented changes are shaking up the automotive value chain. The four primary pillars of that change fuel the digital transformation for automotive manufacturing and distribution include:
  1. Connectivity
  2. Autonomous driving
  3. Shared automotive consumption
  4. E-mobility
These fundamental changes, summarised by the acronym CASE, impact the way vehicles are now designed, built, brought to market, upgraded, and recycled.

In this webinar, we will delve into the impact of the most pressing challenges on the industry, and examine the primary actions that automotive producers and suppliers need to take, not only to adapt but also to proactively shape the change in products, services, and consumption. You will learn:
  • Key requirements for optimised digital transformation of manufacturing processes
  • How automation and connected digital platforms can drive efficiency
  • How to exchange information faster with operations teams and customers
  • How the business can adapt more easily through real-time data visibility
  • How a major European automotive supplier is adjusting its business model to CASE
Join our webinar to hear the story from LTH Castings, a world-leading automotive supplier that has transformed its manufacturing operations to align with the trends. LTH Castings is a manufacturer of a wide range of high specification automotive components, such as transmission and engine components, steering and brake systems components. The group has six production sites in multiple countries.

Listen to the panel discussion where our experts from Infor and S&T Slovenija will discuss the transformation they see in the world of OEMs and how best to tackle issues they face. S&T Slovenija is a trusted Infor partner who provides comprehensive IT solutions and services for businesses in Slovenija. It is a part of S&T Group, a multinational company with locations in 33 countries. 


David Zeman
Infor Regional Director, Southeastern Europe
Henning Dransfeld
Infor Automotive Industry and Solution Director
Peter Šifrer
Finance Director, LTH Castings

Aleksandar Djajić
Infor Business Manager, SNT Slovenija

Smartphone on Wheels