3 free licenses: Getting started with CloudSuite Distribution

Leverage cloud ERP technology to become more agile and strengthen your business

Distributors that are investing in technology are more likely to adapt to disruptive trends. Infor® is here to help.

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution is uniquely suited to help address increasing customer demands, stronger security threats, a challenging employment market, and the need for a greater visibility. Infor cloud solutions can help distributors level the playing field against larger competitors and get back to business faster and stronger. To make this world-class ERP accessible, Infor is offering a free full version of CloudSuite Distribution for three users with an optional services engagement. The program applies to any distributor that is not already an Infor ERP customer.

During this webinar you will hear about current trends in the industry and how these trends are accelerating the need for modern infrastructure. You’ll also learn more about how CloudSuite Distribution helps you:
  • Provide your customers the best experience
  • Find ways to add value for the customer
  • Optimize top line revenue and minimize operational cost
  • Takes advantage of big data
  • Build a dynamic workforce

Please join us during this educational session and take advantage of our “Three for Free’ opportunity to experience your future as a modern distributor.


Dan Dufault
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infor Distribution
Will Quinn
Industry Principal Sales Director,
Infor Distribution
Brandon Stacken
Distribution Solutions Consultant,

3 free licenses: Getting started with CloudSuite Distribution