Live Expert-Talk

Why invest in supply
chain control towers

Agility and responsiveness with end-to-end visibility and intelligent control of supply chain events

Supply Chain Control Tower – the practical journey.

Join us for a live and interactive Expert-Talk with Gerald van den Eijnden, Director Global Logistics Operations Planning & Systems at Molex LLC and Guy Meisl, Global Logistics Director, Radley & Co as they share their organisations and personal Control Tower journey, moderated by Richard van der Meulen, Global Product & Industry Market Strategy, Infor.

You’ll learn:
  • Why these organisations adopt supply chain control towers
  • How to get started, evolve and prevent pitfalls on the deployment journey
  • What benefits you can achieve with a supply chain control tower
And discover how the Infor Nexus Control Center, leveraging the Nexus network and Digital Supply Chain Twin capabilities:

  • Enhances the real-time visualisation of the end-to-end supply chain
  • Uses machine learning to provide you with predictive insights and enable intelligent decisions
  • Integrates your entire network to improve supply chain velocity, agility and responsiveness
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    Gerald van den Eijnden
    Director Global Logistics Operations Planning & Systems, Molex LLC

    Gerald van den Eijnden is responsible for Import Planning and Logistics Systems within Molex LLC. He is based in Ettlingen, Germany. Over the last 10 years he has supported various global supply chain visibility initiatives within Molex.
    Guy Meisl
    Global Logistics Director, Radley & Co

    Long term Logistics and Supply Chain enthusiast, working for global brands from Radley, UGG, Technicolor and Virgin megastores (when CDs were a thing). Experience in China, EMEA, US and Canada with freight forwarders, 3PL and own operations. Never short of an opinion on subjects ranging from employee engagement to new technology and the environment to automation, all with a view to improving Logistics and the Supply Chain performance now and for the future.

    Richard van der Meulen
    Global Product & Industry Market Strategy, Infor

    Richard is a supply chain strategist, passionate about helping organisations with complex supply chain challenges, with a focus on global trade and logistics. Over the last 20 years, Richard has worked with leading organisations in both the manufacturing and retail industries, supporting cloud-based digital transformations. Richard holds an MBA from London Business School.

    Why invest in supply chain control towers