Innovations in
Food & Beverage Production

Both the pandemic and Brexit have compounded the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers. Increased demand from large and small grocery chains and home delivery services have put a big strain on production equipment.

Yet new technologies like IoT sensors are improving equipment effectiveness as well as food safety. For example, monitoring the condition of bearings and metal detection equipment eliminates the risk of metal parts ending up in the food. Another advanced and very welcome development is the use of sensors that trigger timely cleaning to avoid contamination risks. The latter of these is probably the biggest safety risk to any food and beverage business.

Join us on our webinar to learn how Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage and Infor EAM can help your production and maintenance teams transform and connect business processes in a user-friendly environment that helps maintain productivity, ensure food safety, and provide traceability for regulatory compliance.

Plus, learn why British Sugar chose Infor EAM, how it improves the company’s productivity and performance, and what British Sugar expects from the future.

This webinar is co-sponsored by Infor® and LLP Group, a Global Alliance and Channel Partner with extensive experience in food and beverage manufacturing environments.

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15:00-15:05 Welcome and housekeeping
15:05-15:35 Asset Management in Food and Beverage industry
15:35-15:45 British Sugar Customer Story
15:45-16:00 Q&A


Marcel Koks
Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
Edgar Blajec
Business Development Manager,
LLP Group
Nick Smalley
Programme Manager Factory of the Future, British Sugar

Innovations in Food & Beverage Production