Solving employee scheduling and dispatching challenges with Optimized Scheduler

Infor EAM’s new module
August 3, 2021
12:00 PM EDT
Please join the Infor EAM team as we introduce the Optimized Scheduler, a new EAM module designed to eliminate manual processes and user assumptions.

We will share a solution overview and explore two examples of schedule dispatching to demonstrate what the Optimized Scheduler is capable of doing and how it can help organizations save time and costs.

This webinar will cover:
  • Optimized Scheduler framework and built-in integration to Infor® EAM
  • How this new functionality maximizes employee daily work schedules
  • How algorithms help to execute work and efficiently manage widely dispersed assets

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Danny Kilburn
Solutions Consultant

Danny Kilburn is an Infor EAM solutions consultant who architects tailored solutions for customers and prospects. From starting as a maintenance planner and consulting end-to-end implementations to managing the EAM Program at Amazon, Danny has had an eclectic career with Infor EAM.
Laura Gudde
Senior Business Analyst

Laura Gudde is the senior business analyst for Infor’s Optimized Scheduler product. Laura leads her team to develop robust, feature-rich capabilities through her extensive research, attention to detail, and thorough understanding of customer requirements.
Over her five years with Infor, Laura has proven herself to be in the highest echelon. Frequently requested by outside groups to help with executive tasks or meeting customer demands, Laura’s reach and expertise goes beyond her primary role.

Solving employee scheduling and dispatching challenges with Optimized Scheduler