Supply Chain Solution Summit

Journey to the continuous supply chain

It’s obvious that linear supply chain management is no longer sufficient. Globalization now requires deeper, true visibility to sense, plan, and execute, driving a greater shift toward digitalized ecosystems and the continuous supply chain. With supply chain continuity at stake, openness and connectivity must occur to provide simultaneous optimization of service, cost and working capital, ensuring resiliency, agility, and velocity.

The Infor Supply Chain solution summit highlights the capabilities needed to support a continuous supply chain and maximize supply chain maturity. During this summit, thought leaders explore the following key pillars:
  • Plan & Source: Ultimately, this is about connecting the network’s planning and strategic sourcing capabilities to one version of the truth and providing tools to help supply chain professionals make better decisions more productively.
  • Execute: The ability to execute seamlessly and in real time or near-real time is absolutely critical. Hooking to multiple systems of execution, mature supply chains act quickly and efficiently to service customers and fulfill demand.
  • Sense & Respond: To drive continuous planning inputs requires advanced visualization for intelligent sense and response, shining a light on the most critical areas of your supply chain and providing decision support to help your team make better decisions faster.

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Building the Supply Chain of the Future: Journey and benefits of the Continous Supply Chain

Christine Barnhart - Senior Director of SCM Strategy & GTM, Infor
Improving Assurance of Supply: Enable responsive, supplier alignment to demand with automated processes

Jeff Rohe - Vice President of Product Management, Infor
Conquering Uncertainty and Creating Competitive Advantage: Harnessing the power of supply chain planning and demand management

Jerry Bolton - Vice President of Software Development, Infor
Mike Dale - Senior Principle Solution Consultant, Infor
Moderator: Christine Barnhart - Senior Director of SCM Strategy & GTM, Infor
Managing Global Freight: Gaining earlier insights and greater agility in global supply chains

John Nadvornik, Product Management, Infor
Monica Truelsch, Senior Director, Go to Market Management, Infor
Michelle Brunak, Vice President of Product Management, Infor
Moderator: Richard van der Meulen - Senior Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
Promoting Resilience & Growth: The Financial Supply Chain as a Catalyst in 2021

Christian Kochan - Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, PVH
Priyanke Perera -
Head of Treasury, Brandix
Amit Agarwal -
Executive Director and Head of Open Account Trade (OAT) Products at Global Transaction Services, DBS
Moderator: Gary Schneider - Vice President of Sales, Infor
Reducing Supply Chain Risk: Value of Global Trade Management

Liz Connell - Vice President Of Product Management, Thomson Reuters
Homero Farias - National Solutions Consulting Manager, Thomson Reuters
The Future of Fulfillment: Driving additional ROI with cloud WMS & YMS

Josh Ferguson - Marketing Manager, Infor
Jerry Beaston - Senior Product Manager, Infor
Moderator: Adriana Yanez -Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
Building a Supply Chain Control Tower: Gaining end to end visibility & intelligent control

Heidi Benko - Vice President of Product Management, Infor
Bernard Goor - Senior Vice President of Sales, Infor
Moderator: Matt Simonsen - Product Management Director, Infor

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