What's new in Infor Birst 7.8

Join us for an overview of what is new in the latest Birst product release

Join the Infor Birst product managers for a walkthrough of the key new features for: 
  • Connectivity and Modeling
  • Admin 2.0
  • Pixel Perfect Reporting
  • Group Filters, Filters and Notifications
  • Visual Analytics
During the webinar we’ll cover a range of enhancements including:
  • Usability improvements for data preparation and modeling
  • Bucketed Measures
  • Compare
  • Orchestration Workflows
  • Usability improvements for Pixel Perfect Reporting
  • Dynamic notifications using ‘Between’ and ‘Outside’ operators
  • Making group filters their own entity type and first-class citizen object
  • Multiple drill selection on a data point
  • Infor theme and styles
  • Mingle banner widget


Nicolas Rentz
Director, Product Management, Birst

Wayne Chau
Senior Product Manager, Birst

Sarib Haroon
Senior Product Manager, Birst

Lena Corredor
Product Manager, Birst

Rebeca Farias
Senior Product Manager, Birst

Justin Roberts
Product Manager, Birst

What's new in Infor Birst 7.8