Lessons learned from the pandemic – Five steps to creating an agile people strategy

Organizations are facing, what is arguably, the most extreme circumstances to business in decades. The pandemic disrupted company operations and decimated customer demand across many industries which demanded a quick pivot to new strategies. At the forefront are people – people that were forced to alter their standard routine in favor of remote work strategies, adjust to new physical distancing requirements, learn new skills, and more. While technology played a significant role in mitigating the impact, 2021 will likely require new innovations to succeed in the new abnormal. Join this webinar to hear about ways that can help you navigate the future of work in the age of coronavirus.

Key takeaways:

  • Empowering your workforce for recovery and continuity
  • Adapting to the shift in demand and how to optimize staffing
  • Developing flexible, transparent workforce operational models
  • Maintaining the health and safety of your people
  • Powering the workforce to be more innovative and flexible

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Marcus Mossberger
GTM Leader, People Solutions, Infor
Matt Bragstad
Vice President, Product Management, Infor

Lessons learned from the pandemic – Five steps to creating an agile people strategy