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FoodTech Tomorrow

Trendspotting in the food & beverage industry

Trendspotting in the food & beverage industry

FoodTech Tomorrow is a two-hour digital event bringing together stakeholders from all corners of the food industry to discuss the future trends, challenges, and opportunities of tomorrow.

The event serves as a high-level platform for insights, inspiration, and exchange between curious friends of the industry. Welcome!

Digitalizing the food and beverage industry

Join our trendspotting event for insights and inspiration looking into the future of food & beverage industry. We have lined up a number of interesting speakers from different parts of the industry.

We are very happy to co-host this trendspotting event with one of our alliance partners Elvenite. Elvenite focus on digitalizing the food and beverage industry by consulting in ERP, Business Intelligence and Business Process Services.

FoodTech Tomorrow - Trendspotting in the Food & Beverage Industry

Time Topic/Speaker
09.00-09.10 Introduction

Mathias Dyberg, CEO, Elvenite
09.10-09.25 What are the reasons for enterprise solutions that always are current, and are there any prerequisites to be able to do that.

Håkan Strömbeck, Sr Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
09.25-09.40 The main industry drivers in the food & beverage industry and how industry 4.0 can help to get to the next level of productivity, food safety, transparency and sustainability.

Marcel Koks, F&B Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
09.40-09.55 Sepehr Mousavi is a multi-cultural futurist and a green innovation advocate. He is one of the co-founders of the Stockholm-based hot Agtech and vertical farming innovation venture, SweGreen. Sepehr have been active within the foodtech and agriculture industry for over a decade and shall be drawing a futuristic scenario around how the future of food is being shaped up, the ongoing socio-technical transition, new smart solutions and role of leap-frogging innovations from vertical farming to the likes of applied AI and robotics. 

Sepehr Mousavi, Futurist & Innovation Advocate, SweGreen
09.55-10.10 Being a data driven organization is something that many companies strive for. This is even more evident in F&B which is formed by regulations around traceability, possibilities to get people’s opinions and to constantly have speed and make fast and accurate decisions.

Agnes Lindell, Business Owner Data Driven, Elvenite
10.10-10.25 With a huge interest for digital innovation and even larger love for tomorrow, Andreas will take us on a ride of insights and opinions around food culture and identity in the digital era. Don't miss this session!

Andreas Stjärnhem, Creative Director, Sticky Beat
10.25-10.35 Dynamic expiry dates - Let's unlock the full potential of our food!
New technology, for example the sensor-based labels Innoscentia develops, makes it possible to monitor the status of our food in real-time and thereby enable dynamic expiry dates. This paradigm shift will drastically reduce waste and ensure transparency but how does it work and what forces will drive the transition towards a new food system?

Erik Månsson, CEO, Innoscentia
10.35-10.55 Panel discussion

Moderator Håkan Strömbeck, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor
10.55-11.00 Closing & End

Håkan Strömbeck, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Infor


Agnes Lindell
Business Owner Data Driven

Andreas Stjärnhem
Creative Director
Sticky Beat
Mathias Dyberg

Marcel Koks
Industry & Solution Strategy Director
Håkan Strömbäck
Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Senior

Sepehr Mousavi
Futurist & Innovation Advocate, SweGreen

Erik Månsson

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FoodTech Tomorrow